13 Tech Predictions for 2013

As we ring in 2013, I can’t help but wonder what the year has in store for us in the realms of technology – all of which affects our daily lives.  No matter what happens, 2013′s technology innovations and changes will further develop the landscape that defines the digital world.  Here are my 13 predictions:

1) 2012 was the year of the tablet; 2013 will be the year of the television

2) Apple‘s stronghold on the tablet market will hold above 50%.

3) Like a cat, Steve Ballmer will use up the last of his 9 lives.

4) Zynga and Groupon will continue to flounder; LinkedIn will continue to flourish.  The gap between the haves and have-not’s of the social media world will only grow wider.

5) Apple’s iPhone will launch on China Mobile giving the tech giant access to over 1 billion mobile subs.

6) Samsung will continue to try…very hard.  The Korean giant will ship over half-a-billion phones during the year.

7) The smartphone will continue to destroy incumbent products – both portable music players and point-and-shoot digital cameras will continue to decline

8) Square will further cement itself as the king of the mobile payments world.

9) Facebook will outperform analyst expectations as monetization of its user base builds.

10) PC sales will continue to be eaten up, or ‘cannibalized’ by the tablet revolution.

11) The market finally will recognize Amazon‘s ridiculous valuation and the stock falls into a correction pattern.

12) IGZO technology will become the new ‘gold’ standard of mobile displays

13) Google will have a very good year with solid growth in its current products combined with increased monetization of its new innovations.

Restructuring / Turnaround consultant for Del01tte during the day, wannabe tech journalist by night, philanthropist by weekend. I view the business world through the lense of Apple, a company focused on excellence through design and unrelenting focus to be the best. Design dictates what we see, what we use, and ultimately, how we live. Apple is not a perfect company, but it has created a business revolution we will never see again.