Best Selling Products

MacDailyNews reported on a story today that analyzed the best-selling products of all time originated by 24/7 Wall Street. “Some products sell well when first introduced. Many more fail miserably. Very few of them sell so well that they fundamentally impact American culture,” 24/7 Wall St. writes. “This is 24/7 Wall St.’s list of 10 products that did just that.”

 “Besides selling in droves, many of the products on this list changed American culture,” 24/7 Wall St. writes.  “While each product is in a different industry — from smartphones, to video game consoles and music albums — there are clear similarities among the leaders. All the products that made the list were innovative in their respective categories when released.”

24/7 Wall St. writes, “24/7 Wall St. reviewed product categories that generate attention from many groups and command significant and frequently long-lasting loyalty. We then identified individual products that had the highest sales in their category. Toys, consumer electronics, books and movies can be passing interests. However, the most successful of these are the best-selling products of all time.”

1) Rubik’s Cube – 350 million units (Category: Toys)

2) Apple iPhone – 250 million units (Category: Smartphone)

3) Harry Potter – 450 million copies (Category: Book Series)

4) Michael Jackson’s Thriller – 110 million copies (Category: Albums)

5) Mario Franchise – 262 million units (Category: Video Game Franchise)

6) Apple iPad – 67 million units (Category: Tablet)

7) Star Wars – $4.54 billion in ticket sales (Category: Movies)

8) Toyota Corolla – 39 million units (Category: Cars)

9) Lipitor – $125 billion in revenue (Category: Pharmaceuticals)

10) Playstation – 300 million units + (Category: Video Game Console)

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