The Best of Technology in 2012; The Questions of 2013

2012 was an explosive year for technology that saw a re-designed iPhone, an amazingly innovative Samsung, a dying Blackberry, 3 “new” iPads, the most technologically-advanced point-and-shoot camera of all-time, smart watches, mobile-everything, 4K displays, and a new era at Microsoft (sorta).

As amazing as 2012 was, it only incites more excitement about 2013 and the anticipation of all of the new amazing products and product categories that we will see:

  • Blackberry 10 will launch at the end of January – a true ‘make-or-break’ product launch for the ‘once-dominant’ smartphone maker
  • Android will continue to demolish sales/activation records as more-and-more smartphone adoption takes place worldwide
  • Apple will need to show that it is still a solid leader of innovation and seamless execution
  • Will Samsung make flexible displays a mainstay for phones and tablets, or simply a ‘concept’ with no adoption in site?
  • Will 4K televisions come to a price point where they can become a larger part of the mainstream living room?
  • Will Intel make any significant penetration in the mobile space?
  • Will that damn Pebble watch from Kickstarter that raised over $10M ever ship?
  • Will Apple reinvent the television, digital camera, or dare I say it, watch?
  • Will Microsoft’s hardware and software strategies be the final nail in the coffin for Ballmer?
  • Will Google Fiber become the new standard of broadband?

The list goes on-and-on…Here is ‘some’ of the best technology of 2012:

Brydge+: The keyboard to make your iPad like a MacBook Air.

iPhone 5: The worst kept secret in the history of consumer products.


Nike FuelBand: Fitness + Technology – Fad or ‘The Next Big Thing’? Although according to Samsung, it’s already here.


iPad Mini: The product of ‘insatiable demand’:


New Trent 7000 mAH: In today’s mobile world, you can never have enough juice:


Sony NEX-5N: The ‘new’ age of mirror-less cameras:


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